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Sloping block builders

As a reasonable new home manufacturer for Melbourne’s pastoral areas, we’re all about giving you a discount on house and land packages South East Melbourne. Our itineraries perform miracles on blocks of land where each depiction can be found, assisting you in comprehending your fantasy home.

We cover all of Melbourne; from south east Melbourne’s to our northern pastoral areas central command in South Morang. Down thump do you love your location but not your property? Sloping block builders rebuild homes from north to south east Melbourne.

When your neighbourhood is fantastic but your house leaves a lot to be desired, it may be a good time to consider a knock down rebuild. Bentley Homes builds homes in Melbourne’s rural areas house and land packages that are planned and built around your needs and budget.

Not only will you have control over the appearance and feel of your home and won’t have to make compromises with your current plan, but you’ll also have the opportunity to potentially save a lot of money. 

Solutions for sloped sites

In our sloping block builders, a combination of points and steps works so well that the level adjustment is barely noticeable.

On a sloping site, expanding

Planning reasonable sloping block builders entails creating an exceptional, functional, and current plan that improves the site’s regular fall. Consider the following realities when deciding which configuration is best for you.

When the site fall is between 4 and 6 degrees, ventured plans work best.

By utilising steps and higher roofs, you can consistently increase regular light and ventilation into your home’s vital areas.


This is an excellent option for some property owners and offers a variety of advantages, including cash and time savings, allowing you to invest less energy in house and land packages, functioning construction site and more time in a lovely home that is truly your own.

Sloping block builders will frequently consider a remodel before moving on to another home. Surprisingly, there are numerous examples where a remodel is less wise than a demolition and development.

The possibility of unpleasant surprises when tearing up wood planks or knocking down walls can turn a simple renovation into a mortgage holder’s nightmare, and in what appears to be no time you are confronted with costs far in excess of what you had originally budgeted.

Remarkable specialists throughout Melbourne

As the knockdown house and land packages specialists throughout Melbourne, there is no area too far away for our manufacturers. We’ve worked in the northern, eastern, and western rural areas, as well as in Melbourne’s south-east, from Bentleigh to Glen Iris and Clyde.

A remodel also necessitates working within the constraints of your ongoing construction, with little room to move or reconsider. Another home, on the other hand, provides you with financially well-disposed reasonable options and the opportunity to easily select your fantasy home.