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About the Riverdale Orthodontics:

The foremost goal of Riverdale Orthodontics group is that they continuously research the innovative and premium quality of products and treatments to assist patients on regular basis. These modern treatments used by this clinic include intraoral digital impressions, Sure Smile latest technology and Invisalign as well as other clear aligners. Due to this progressive approach, the orthodontist Melbourne here emphasis on early treatment if required for many young children. Kew braces are getting very popular in the market; hence it is applied by doctors here as well. Four main professional doctors in this group work with efforts to provide the best services to each of their patients. Dr Paul Schneider has a specialty in paediatric dentistry and orthodontics with experience of almost 30 years in this industry. Dr Chris Theodosi practised dental treatments for over 12 years in Melbourne before getting a master’s degree in orthodontics from the USA. Dr Alwyn Wong, a well-known orthodontist has diverse experience in this field of orthodontics from Australia, the USA and Italy. Lastly, Dr Michael Zhao actively participates in national and international conferences to keep himself updated with innovative technology used all around the world in this domain. He is always updated by the changes in technology to use in his profession like imaging such as 3D intraoral scanning and cone-beam CT scanning. He initiated using the Suresmile 3D treatment planning and wire-bending system in the clinic for the patients.


Services and products used by Riverdale Orthodontics:

This dental care clinic uses Temporary Anchorage Devices (TAD) which is a small titanium anchor operated in specific orthodontics cases. This helps in the patient’s more predictable tooth movements. Orthodontists here also use separators or spacers made of rubber; doughnut-type equipment placed between teeth to create spaces between teeth so that an orthodontic band can be placed in the next appointment. It does not stick with sticky food, toothpick or floss. To hold a patient’s teeth in the correct position after straightening them, doctors also use retainers in the patient’s treatment and guide them properly about the usage of it. To widen up the upper jaw of a client, the palatal expander is adjusted by doctors in a clinic here as well. Riverdale Orthodontics also have Headgear equipment to treat patients whose upper jaw is forward or lower jaw or vice versa. An alternative to Headgear is the Forsus Fatigue Resistant Device used by Riverdale Orthodontics’ doctors that assist to eliminate excessive overbites, improves the fit of teeth, and also prevents the need for jaw surgery. Other than these devices treatment, doctors also provide treatments of elastics (rubber bands), Invisalign, Suresmile, early orthodontics, Kew braces, surgical orthodontics and much more.


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To avail best orthodontist services in town, contact them now and book your slot. Kew braces services are also available in the clinic. So, sit back and relax because you are going to get the smile of your dream.