How To Celebrate Mardi Gras?

Mardi gars also known as Fat Tuesday. This event is usually celebrated before Ash Wednesday. Mardi gars are the sign of starting christens lent season and it ending up in Easter. During this lent, many christen keep the fast and the day name with Fat Tuesday refers as last day to eat healthy and richer food.  After Fat Tuesday lent season begins and christens starts keeping fast.

Every person has its way to celebrate Fat Tuesday; some ideas to celebrate this day are:

Ways to celebrate Mardi gars or Fat Tuesday:

Wear beaded:

At Mardi gras, many people wear different themes to celebrate this day. An easy and simple way to celebrate this occasion is wearing beaded. Garb Mardi gras party beaded and wear it. Beaded has different colours like purple, golden and green. These colours have own power, strength and spiritual values. Purple refers to a symbol of justice. The golden colour is referred to as a colour of faith. The golden colour is considered a symbol of power.

Make healthy food:

Mardi gras is referring as Fat Tuesday means last day to eat healthy food.  At Mardi gars day people make healthy food. They roost chicken, mutton and also make different desserts. For veggies roast purple onions and yellow squash. Make colourful salads with fruits and vegetables.

Watch live Mardi gras:

With new technology, Mardi gars events can see live. Watch live events of Mardi gras and in party play this transmission background.  This live transmission in the background adds colour in the party.

Mardi gras movie:

It is also perfect to watch Mardi gras with friends. Mardi gras movie adds colour in the party and also increase the colour of party and day.


The decoration is an important part of every celebration. Many Mardi gras party supplies are working in a different part of the world to provide the best quality decoration pieces. Best quality decoration piece is the core reason to make party beautiful. A good quality decoration piece increase beauty in the party.

King cake:

Bake a giant size king cake for the party. The flavour of the cake also matters. Bake best and favourite king cake by won. Decoration of the cake is also mattered; decorate the cake with beautiful sprinkles and colours. Never miss king cake baking because this increases the party celebration colours.

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