How To Make Retaining Wall Posts Using Galvanised Steel?

Create a powerful retaining wall for your sleepers with a sleek, industrial aesthetic! In this step by step guide, we will show you how to make a sleeper retaining wall with steel column reinforcement.

The fencing materials in Melbourne are durable materials designed to support concrete or wood sleepers in retaining walls. This easy-to-use publication finds a cost-effective and quick way to strengthen non-slip retaining walls for homeowners.

Materials and tools needed:

Concrete mix

circular saw

Sewer system


Land marker


Landscape fabric




Spray paint

Steel pillar


Wood nails for construction.

Two long pieces of wood

Work gloves

The first thing to do: 

When creating a retaining wall, there are general rules to follow when using steel posts: the height of the wall above the ground should be the depth of the steel column below it.

By following these rules, the retaining walls of the sleepers remain stable and can resist many aggressive natural elements that are subject to soil pressure and prolonged exposure.

Some landscape architects follow another rule. 2/3, not 1/3, should be buried only in the centre of the floor of the steel column.

Ultimately, the depth of the trench and the depth of the steel column depends on the final height of the wall and the pressure of the soil that supports the wall, especially if the soil is wet.

Preparing the location of the commercial wall

Once you have decided exactly where to build the retaining wall, start cleaning vegetation and other vegetation.

Confirm where to put the publication

Use a brightly coloured spray paint or powder marker for easy identification.

If the concrete or wood sleepers are longer than the distance between the posts, you may need to cut them with a circular saw.

Start digging the holes

Take a shovel and start digging a hole in the steel column according to the scheme. Get pre-approval from your landscape expert or local council to ensure a smooth galvanised retaining wall posts construction process.

Installation guidepost

Place two wooden posts on the floor, one on each side of the wall. Tie the rope around one pole, then tie the other end of the rope to the other. Make sure the line formed by the line is straight. This helps align the steel posts.

Place a steel post in the hole.

Depending on the required depth, the steel column descends into the hole. Make sure the lines are aligned. You can also use layers to check if posts are level with each other.

Fill the room with concrete.

Prepare the concrete mix according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Take a shovel and pour a sufficient amount into the hole where the steel column is partially buried. Let’s solve it

drainage system

Drainage pipes are placed behind steel posts to allow water to flow out of the ground. Cover the drainpipe with a layer of gravel, then put a garden cloth on it. Fill with excavated earth.

Insert the sleeping device into the steel pole

Insert the sleepers into the slots of the steel posts one row at a time or in the course. Check your level regularly.

wall lock

After all the sleepers are inserted into the steel posts, long concrete or wood (this time laid horizontally) are laid to create a professional hat or wall shelf.