How To Protect Laminate Flooring


Timber laminate flooring

Laminate flooring has really improved over time and can be a great alternative to genuine wood flooring. Laminate flooring is durable, easy to install, and clean, and may be used in a variety of spaces around your house, including hallways, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, and even bedrooms! In contrast, Timber laminate flooring in perth is known for its durability, some easy maintenance and preventative measures can extend its life even longer, allowing you to spend your hard-earned money on something more interesting than upgrading your flooring! Here are some of our best laminate flooring protection suggestions.

  1. Attach felt pads to the bottom of lightweight furniture

The slightest bump will cause lightweight furniture to slide around your floors. Felt pads help protect your flooring from scratches caused by sharp corners by allowing your items to move safely without damaging it.

  1. Lift your furniture instead of dragging it around.

Your family and friends may be prone to lugging their chairs around without a second thought, which is a pet peeve of Timber laminate flooring owners everywhere. To minimize visible scratches on the floor, lean in and lift your furniture. Too much? Use felt or plastic disks as a base.

  1. Rugs, runners, and carpets

If you know a certain section of your laminate flooring will get a lot of foot traffic, try putting a carpeting runner or rug over it to avoid scratches and wear.

  1. Mop Regularly

When it comes to Pert Timber flooring, scratches aren’t the only form of damage to be concerned about; make sure liquids are wiped up before they have a chance to enter crevices and warp your flooring.

  1. Manicure and groom your pets on time

You may lessen the chance of unintentional scuffs and scratches on your flooring by having your pets’ nails cut on a regular basis.

  1. Monitor Humidity

Laminate floors do not thrive in extremely humid or dry environments. If your floor is too dry, it may shrink, but if it is too humid, it may expand and distort. Most homes maintain a comfortable humidity level, but if you notice an unusually high humidity level in your home, consider using a humidistat to control it.

  1. Cushion the Furniture’s Base

Use a cover on the base of heavy furniture before placing it on your laminate floor. You can place sliders, cushioned plastic cups, and felt padding on the legs of the furniture. If they don’t have legs but do have a solid foundation, cut out some heavy-duty material in the shape of the base and glue it on. You may place a large piece of furniture anywhere on your laminated floor without damaging it if the base is appropriately cushioned.

  1. Sweep the Floor Regularly

With the slightest movement, heavy furniture placed on top of a lot of dirt will harm your Perth timber flooring from underneath. To prevent the base from coming into contact with dirt, sweep the floor surrounding the furniture on a regular basis.

  1. Clean Up Spills Quickly

Today’s laminate floor patterns can withstand some wetness, but only for a short period of time. Pooled water should be removed as soon as possible to prevent it from seeping into the laminate flooring’s core.