The Process Of Resurfacing Concrete

Every living and non-living thing is meant to age. With the passage of time there are great chances of thing getting damaged, broken or cracked. However, all the things cannot be replaced with a newer one so they are renovated or repaired instead.  Hence, a person who opts for renovation instead of replacements saves both; his money as well as his time. One such method of resurfacing an older, cracked surface into a refreshed state is known as concrete resurfacing. In this article, we will be discussing about concrete resurfacing and the procedure that it takes in resurfacing the concrete.


Before directly discussing the procedure of concrete resurfacing, let us first comprehend the idea of permeable pavers in Melbourne. Concrete can be defined as a building material which is composed of broken stones, gravel, sand and cement combined together. This composition is then spread on the surface or poured in the moulds where it forms a hardened mass.  Concrete is one of the main components in construction purposes as it is used in making building, bridges, roads and dams.

Concrete resurfacing:

Basically, concrete resurfacing is the process in which the cracked concrete is cleaned, then repaired and finally overlaid with a new surface. This process takes lot less amount of money and time as compared to renovating it with a new one.

The process of concrete resurfacing:

Concrete resurfacing is done in few steps. The first step of concrete resurfacing is cleaning, it is the step in which the old surface is washed with a power washer to get rid of filth and dirt. Then there is the step of repairing the cracks, in this step cracks are first primed and then are filled with polymer concrete that is leveled out evenly with the rest of the concrete driveway. After that, holes of the concrete are repaired by filling it with an epoxy mortar.

After the above mentioned steps, covering of the surface is done. In this step, the surface is primed and covered with spray on polymer concrete which is then given a final touch of a trowel. Coloring and sealing is the next step that takes place in this procedure of concrete resurfacing. In this step, decorative coloring is applied and sealed with a coat. Finally there is the curing step, in which the concrete driveway is not used for at least seventy two hours so that it can be properly dried. Conclusively, we can say that concrete resurfacing is done by cleaning, repairing and overlaying with a new surface.


Concrete is one of the most important components used in building material which is composed of cement, sand, water and gravel. However, as the time passes concrete can get cracked or damaged for which the process of concrete resurfacing is done. This process takes the steps of cleaning, repairing, covering and finally coloring it. “Pebble pave” offers people with the best quality of concrete resurfacing for damaged and cracked concrete surfaces.