Applications Of Skid Steer

During construction works, multiple types of equipment are needed on site. But one of the equipment that you will be needing during the whole construction process will be a skid steer. A skid steer is a versatile machine that can perform multiple functions. The use of skid steer can be modified as per the need of the project. There are many factors to consider when you are choosing the skid steer, as there is a lot of variations depending upon the function that the skid steer will perform at the site.

The variations will be assessed according to the job and workload that will be performed by skid steer;

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Attachments
  • Flow rate

The good thing about skid steer is that it can have multiple attachments and a single skid steer can perform multiple functions, just by changing its attachment. But to operate the skid steer, you will be needing an experienced operator. The operator must have taken the skid steercourse. The skid steercourse is important because it is heavy machinery and one wrong movement can cause serious damage to the site or people at the site. In the skid steercourse, they will learn how to operate the skid steer safely and efficiently. The skid steer is not like the tractor or other light machinery that anyone can operate, the special skid steercourse and a lot of experience are needed to handle the skid steer at the contract site. The site manager must also have white card training and implement all the safety measures as per white card training, before allowing such equipment at the site. 

Here we will list down some of the prime functions that skid steer performs;

  • Excavation: The skid steer can be used for excavation. Deep excavation may not be possible but for levelling of the ground, excavation can be done with the skid steer. Usually, the final levelling of ground where light excavation is needed is done by a skid steer. Also, this speed up the levelling process
  • Debris Removal: Every construction site will have some sort of debris. If the debris keeps accumulated at the site, that can hinder the construction work. The skid steer is perfect to remove such debris from the site. Not only this, but the skid steer can also help to dispose of the waste at the site. 
  • Material Loading: The skid steer can easily help to move material on the ground. The bucket attachment can be attached for the same purpose. The material can be loaded on the bucket of the skid steer and moved to other areas of the site. This reduces the need for physical labour plus increase the logistics of the material. But the safety measures according to the white card training must be implemented on-site to prevent any accident. For more information, please visit